Remote Observatory
A INDI Client for Android to Control Astronomical Devices

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Remote Observatory

By Jaime Torres

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September 4th, 2015: Version 0.9.23 released. Important core changes and some new features. Check the Downloads.

Control your astronomical devices from your mobile!


Original 3D phone image by gregzaal

Remote Observatory is an Android INDI client that allows to interact with any INDI ready device. To date it is fully functional but we want to improve it in several significant ways.

We pretend Remote Observatory to always be free and free. Moreover, our plan is to never include any ads on it, to not ask for any unusual permissions for the App. At this moment you can install the App using the Google Play or as a separate DPK file from the Downloads.

Important note: The app is still in early beta testing phase. Although it should work fine, we cannot be responsibe to any problem derived from using it, even in the very unlikely case of any device damage.

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John Russell Hind I just dropped my phone on the table and it discovered a supernova! Wow! Unbelievable!

John Russell Hind 5 stars

Galileo Galilei Sorry folks, not available in the 16th century. Therefore, you just deserve 4 stars.

Galileo Galilei 4 stars


Multivac 5 stars

David Bowman My God, it's full of stars!

David Bowman 5 stars